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Creating a good result thogether

Works with

4COMM has the possibility to record recordings for products and voice-over in their own studio. In addition, Chroma-Key can be used. The recording equipment is practical and professional. We opt for the most efficient solutions for video and audio. 4COMM works together with translators and translation agencies for translations of texts in images, interviews, subtitles and voice-overs. 4COMM collaborates with a growing number of voice-overs / voice actors for Dutch, Flemish, German, English and French voice-over texts. Music is composed and made in-house or outsourced to composers and musicians.

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4COMM works with a step-by-step plan to ensure that progress is in place and that you as a customer are involved in all parts. The implementation of an audiovisual product consists of 5 phases; Concept, Scenario, Recordings, Pre-assembly and Completion


After each phase we ask for a written authorization from the client

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When completing the project plan, the following points have an important influence;


  • On how many locations should we shoot? This has a direct influence on the total duration of one or more phases of the execution of the AV product (1, 2 or more than 5 locations?)

  • How many minutes should the video last? (about 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 minutes?). The longer the film, the less suitable it is for an advertising or promotional film

  • How should the video be delivered? On CD / DVD, via USB, YouTube, Vimeo, Dropbox or We transfer

  • Does the video have to have a professional voice-over? Are there possible good voices in your organization and can these people also express this the right way?

  • Does the video have to contain rights-free music?

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